Welcome to Shore Gold! We strive to produce golden retrievers that are, not only beautiful and healthy, but also very intelligent. Be assured that one of the most important aspects of our breeding is to ensure the puppy's loving temperaments. 
Our golden retriever are our family members who are raised in our home. They are socialized by our children and with other pets. This in-family technique provides the puppies with the abundant socialization that makes them wonderful family pets. And, in order to ensure they are given necessary love, care and socialization prior to being adopted, Shore Gold only produces a small number of litters.

 All of our dogs and potential mates are screened for hip dysphagia, elbow dysphoria, eye abnormalities, heart defects and thyroid function. Additionally, in order to produce extremely healthy litters, other health issues are also taken into consideration when choosing to breed our dogs. We are pleased to have dogs in our line that have lived well into 14 years and older. The results of this quality breeding are puppies who mature into wonderful health dogs with good longevity.

Shoregold puppies are breed for intelligence and instinct. Their line is extremely trainable and have accomplished many show titles in obedience, rally, tracking, and hunting. Our golden are an excellent representation of the breed and have show successfully in the breed ring. Our dogs are also Canine Good Citizens and Certified Therapy Dogs where they have served in nursing homes, schools and libraries.    

We feel we go above and beyond to raise our dogs. We offer the best care available to them and they bring us their unconditional love everyday!
Shoregold's 2008 Litter